Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is essential to understand the specifications of existing parts or products. It enables you to extract the structural data that can be effectively used in reproduction of any new design. This allows quick reproduction of a product and also it gives ample opportunity to improve the existing product and create something more efficient.

Skica reverse engineering

Skica has extensive experience in reverse engineering services for wide range of production and manufacturing engineering. We carry out reverse engineering to engineers, designers, and product manufacturers. Following ISO quality standards, we have the resources and capabilities to offer reverse engineering services to our clients. We follow a carefully managed process for reverse engineering which includes:

  1. Review of the physical components or parts provided by the client.
  2. We perform a laser scan of the component and extract cloud point data to our systems.
  3. Using this data, our team generates a 2D or 3D CAD model for use in product enhancement. This may include failure analysis, reproduction, general study, inspection, or application for a new product or design.


Reverse engineering at Skica

Skica partners with you as an extension to you existing team of engineers and assists you with the technology and resources that best fit to your engineering needs. Our experience resonates with the trends in the modern engineering market and we thoroughly understand your project requirements. With extensive experience designing and prototyping complex products, our engineers have the knowledge needed to work with your components throughout the process.We strictly adhere to client expectations and guidelines so that the reverse engineering process gives more fruitful results to clients.

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