Prototype Development

We believe that every design starts with a need and an idea. So, whatever product a company intends to produce, creating a prototype is crucial to design process. A prototype is the replica and usually functional form of a design. By building a prototype, you can quickly opt out the approaches that do not focus on the requirements of the product and fix a working approach towards your intended design. By developing a prototype, you can demonstrate the proof of concept which helps to freeze requirements for the final design. A prototype used to demonstrate the feasibility of your idea can lower the risk of investment and therefore increase the probability.

Skica offers a complete set of services required for new product development and uses skilled team, Cutting edge technology to help you increase the efficiency of your new product in reduced time. Skica can also verify the working of prototype by testing its capabilities in CAE. Skica works as an integrated part of the customer right from design idea to final product.


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